Rainy Thursday

It’s a rainy day in Melbourne today, which is apparently the norm during the spring/summer – you get a couple of days with hot sunshine and suddenly bam, the rain comes pouring down. I think it’s good anyway – after all, we Malays think hujan brings blessings or rezeki. Something which I (along with the whole 6 billion people on the planet) dreams and wishes we have more of.

Interestingly, there was an article on the MX free daily that I read on the train yesterday which reported that a studies have shown that women are happier with a third the income level of men. In other words, women are happy enough with a $30-40k income p.a. whereas men wants to have at least $100k p.a. to be happy.

Now I don’t know how true this study is, especially about the woman part. I earn somewhere in between this two levels, and although Alhamdulillah I would say I am happy, I would also say I would be happiER, if I have much more than that. Err – is that a fair thing to say? Or do I sound materialistic and ungrateful?

Like of course I am grateful and happy with all I have and for all the rezeki I have so far.  I am married with a good husband and a beautiful son, have a happy and loving family (although I had always wished I had a brother since I was younger – now that I’m married I think I’m not so sure! Men are, well, different, aren’t they? Ha ha.) I am lucky to be experiencing this cool city Melbourne when others would have loved to have this opportunity. I had a good childhood, education, travelled a lot (although you always wish you can travel more, don’t you?)  and have great friends and colleagues.

But at the same time, isn’t it part of human nature, and also part of our responsibility as khalifah of this world (as we Muslims believe we are brought into the world to be) to always strive to be better. Kinda like that Japanese concept of kaizen, is that what it’s called? Continuous improvement. So therefore applying all these principles into practise I would love to continue to grow in my career and earn a higher pay, so that I can provide more comfortably for my family (as soon as DH gets back into the rat race this would be a lesser objective, but I can still help my immediate and extended family with more rezeki), do more charitable acts, afford more beauty and luxury in my home (like having both a Wii and Playstation 2 – I’m kidding), travel and see more, and of course bank in a bigger education fund for Umar and his future siblings (Insya-Allah on this part).

And while we’re on that, like, of course I want to have another son or daughter, like asap. And that is definitely another rezeki that I am praying and trying for. Nothing else would make me happier than seeing Umar grow up with a sibling – and it would put to rest any fears I have of him growing up to be too much of a loner and start having imaginary friends (no thanks to my brother in law who put that idea into my head!) In fact, I should have put that another baby request first… after all, those are among the things money can’t buy – a healthy family. Hope this rezeki comes down to us soon, together with the pouring rain that brings more rahmat and berkat to us all. Amin.

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  1. I don’t think it’s wrong for us to wish for more while being grateful for what we already have. After all, what we wish for doesn’t necessarily come true :)..

    Besides, ‘more’ is really subjective. Some people, even with all the riches in the world are still dissatisfied with their lives, while others may be happy (or contented?) with the way things are. So just because they earn below average, it doesn’t mean that they’re miserable. Honestly, I envy the latter.

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