It has begun

It’s been a while now. Thoughts of joining the blogging world, that is. And today is the day I finally succumbed, after much prodding from my BFF Yani and lurking around fellow blogging friend Yana about her life in Lancaster. And right now it’s almost the end of the working day, most of the deliverables for the week has been sent in, and my Scirocco break alert program has instructed me to go on a 10-minute break, so here I am (although this technically isn’t what the program calls a break since I’m still sitting in front of the PC drying my contacts out). Oh well. Better late than never, and better a flawed try rather than never having been trying in the first place.

Thought for today: “It’s time to consider the role of finance in the modern economy. Right now finance is a master – rather, it ought to be a quiet, efficient servant.” A quote from Bloomberg Businessweek that caught my eye and has caused me to start my increasingly-frequent ponderings on the direction of my career. I find this statement very true and indeed this is one of the reasons for the ending of my short-lived love affair (if you can call it that) with the finance and investment industry, where I cut my teeth in for the last 9 years. I felt that the industry is too detached from the real economy – i.e. production of real goods and services (remember that, finance people? Ha.)

Question is then, which real good or services am I thus interested to venture in? This one is still very much a work in progress or as we Malays say, “soalan cepu emas” – usually cited to avoid the real answer of “I don’t know”. Well, at least I know which industry I don’t wanna be in for the next 10 years. Hey, it’s a start.

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  1. Hey, welcome!! Haha.. I knew u had in u. Blogging, that is :))

    At least now, if we can’t make it to Skype, we can still read about each others’ lives -though the happenings over at my end are much more boring!

    As for your thought of the day: I personally am not a fan of finance taking dominance in economics. But (most of) my colleagues will refute this. After all, a major part of research gets funded, or at least, gets noticed, if u do anything remotely finance-related. The rest of us who are more interested in the social or human side of economics, tend to be sidelined. At least, that’s the case where we are based at..

    But I am optimistic that this ‘unsophisticated’ economic focus of mine is just as important and will continue to do what I’m more comfortable with 🙂

  2. Yeah girl I totally agree. Is it because we are more idealistic, always preferring to focus on the human side rather than money? Because at the end of the day, that’s what finance is all about – money and greed. So I’m not surprised to know that financial sector dominates the funding. Yelah just like that saying, “Ada duit semua jadi”.

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